Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When Incompetent Dumbfucks Collide

Lunn, Keen wrangle for last word before parliamentary committee, but what the fuck does it matter?

The latest news to come out of the Chalk River reactor fiasco is a bombshell-and-a-half.

Linda Keen will get the last word before the special House of Commons committee called to investigate Lunn's push to fire Keen. Conservative MPs and Opposition MPs had been scrapping it out over who would get to testify second.

And this matters precisely how?

Anyone paying attention to the Chalk River debacle may, at this point, have learned that the incomplete upgrades at Chalk River are a problem that has persisted throughout Keen's tenure as Nuclear Safety Commission president and beyond. Yet Keen did nothing until November.

But in the most astounding dumbfuckitude surrounding this matter, Atomic Energy Canada Ltd, the crown corporation that operates Chalk River, has accused the CNRC of issuing misleading statements.

"The commission made a decision and in retrospect, in light of all this evidence, we have shown it was a wrong decision and the reactor's extended outage could have been prevented," AECL spokesman Dale Coffin announced.

You probably just read that correctly: the crown corporation that failed to complete the safety upgrades in question has admitted that the reactor's extended outage could have been prevented.

He's right, too. You know how? If AECL had completed the work in the first fucking place!

Conversely, it could have been prevented if the CNRC had forced AECL to complete the upgrades!

So now Gary Lunn and Linda Keen are going to appear before a special Commons Committee to fight over who should be fired, much like a pair of Apprentice contestants who are mutually responsible for the failure of some insipid business deal.

Donald Trump never had the option of firing both on these occasions on the show. Fortunately for Stephen Harper, he does.

Hopefully, Harper has better taste in civil servants than Trump does in hairdressers.

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