Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tonight's the Night, This is It

Iowa straw polls happen tonight

For those paying attention to the long campaign for the American Presidency, and for those select few with dreams of becoming President of the United States, the long wait has finally ended.

The Iowa straw polls kick off tonight, with the New Hampshire primary to take place in five days' time.

This is where the rubber hits the road.

Conventional wisdom suggests that Mitt Romney will win the Republican poll. He won the Ames straw poll in August. However, Rudy Giulliani, Fred Thompson (then an undeclared candidate) and John McCain chose not to spend money in that particular contest, deciding to wait until the cards were really on the table.

Tonight, they are.

In Iowa, Mike Huckabee actually holds a six-point lead over Romney, while the other Republican candidates poll at eleven percent or less.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama leads Democrat candidates with 31%, while overall frontrunner Hillary Clinton trails John Edwards 24% to 27%, respectively.

In short, neither race is over just yet.

Even beyond Iowa, looking next to the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton and John McCain claim narrow leads over their competitors.

Yet, as the primaries proceed, and the cards fall where they may, the question of who will contest the 2008 Presidential election will only become clearer.

Tonight's the night. This is it.


  1. Firstly, I love the name of this blog.

    Next, I think the tale will be told on Feb 5th when they have 22 caucuses on Super Tuesday.

    It is a bit exciting to finally find out which two will be our possible new president. If you think the US president isn't our president too ... well consider who is looking out for us.

  2. Oh, trust me. The Nexus of Assholery isn't merely the blog's name -- it's the blog's entire credo.

    To some extent, it's a massive experiment. By writing honest opinion, embracing the freedom to stake out positions at any point on the political spectrum regardless of who it does or doesn't piss off, we can expose some of the crazy people for who they really are.

    As to the presidential campaign, I'm just hoping that John McCain stays in it until then. I personally think he's the best potential president of the bunch (although Obama is the best potential vice president).


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