Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One Last Thing Before You Go, Marlene...

...Jennings leaving office with coalition-related secrets intact

On May 2, Liberal Marlene Jennings, then the incumbent MP for Notre Dame-de-GrĂ¢ce-Lachine, was defeated by NDP candidate Isabelle Morin.

Following her defeat, Jennings said all the right things that defeated incumbents usually say. Humble comments, and all.

"The voters made a change," she said. "I hope the change will meet their expectations."

"The heart is still there, the soul is still there," she said of her party, which has clearly lost its connection with Canadians. "I think our party has to let the dust settle, let peoples' emotions calm and then meet and see what message we should take from this and how we should rebuild the party."

There is, unfortuantely, one thing Jennings still isn't saying: she still isn't telling Canadians what she, her party, and the NDP gave up to the Bloc Quebecois to make the 2008 coalition agreement -- to which all three parties were party.

We know what the Liberals and NDP said "no" to. Jennings revealled in January 2009 that they had said "no" to extending Bill 101's authority to federally-regulated industries in Quebec. That was a laudable act.

However, we still have yet to hear Jennings -- the Liberal Party's lead negotiator on the coalition deal -- tell us what they agreed to. They're still keeping it secret.

Marlene Jennings has little left to lose politically. It's far past time she did the right thing, and tell Canadians just how much she and her party were prepared to give up to the Bloc in order to get power back.

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