Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memo to Jim Parrot: the Vancouver Canucks Are Not Your Tools

Considering the nature of drivel that regularly passes for commentary on Let Freedom Rain, that particular corner of hate-based gibberish is ordinarily best left (largely) ignored.

Unfortunately, this isn't one of those times.

Rarely has a blogger ever offered as disturbing a look into the workings of their mind as Jim Parrot until a recent bizarre screed on that particular cesspool.

In short, the blogpost seems to suggest that Albertans -- particularly Calgarians -- are unpatriotic if they don't support the Vancouver Canucks in their playoff run. More bizarrely, Jim Parrot seems to have unilaterally annointed the Canucks as the team of the left. (One can rest assured he never bothered to actually ask Canucks fans, management, or players -- especially the players, as will be shown shortly -- what they think of this.)

Then there's the colossally stupid. Cornette face stupid. PressCORE.ca stupid.

Jim Parrot even links to a story suggesting that Stephen Harper has invoked some kind of Prime Ministerial power to automatically present the Stanley Cup to the Calgary Flames.

The clear problem for Jim Parrot is that the website carrying the tale, Canada Second, is very clearly a parody website (although the site's operator very cleverly declines to actually say so).

There's no indication from Parret that he understands that the story is satire. Considering some of the bizarre comments made on his website about Harper, it becomes very easy to suspect he believes it.

It wouldn't be the first ridiculously stupid thing he's ever said.

But as one gets into the discussion stemming from the post -- in which Parret again provides little sign he understands the story is satire -- he provides a very disturbing look into the inner workings of his political mind, and of the precise role he seems to think people are to play within collectivist machinations.

Hockey players, he seems to think, are mere tools:
"I don't understand how the number of Canadians on a team matters. They are merely foot soldiers on a team representing a city, a province and in this year's Stanley Cup finals, a country (should the Canucks prevail over the Sharks). I find it kind of amusing that Vancouver has Swedes and Americans fighting for it. If Vancouver wins it all, the players are only the tools to victory, the victory itself belongs to Vancouver, BC and Canada. "
The players actually out working their asses to the bone to win the Stanley Cup -- and this is very much precisely what it takes -- are, to Jim Parrot, mere tools to someone else's ends. The victories they win -- the fruits of their labour -- are not their own.

It would likely shock Parret to learn that the Stanley Cup cannot be won by cities. It cannot be won by provinces. It cannot even be won by countries. If it could, Canada would have had one of its teams win the Cup at some point between today and 1993. The country has certainly wanted it badly enough.

The Stanley Cup is won by a team -- a team made up of individuals working together toward a shared and mutually-adopted purpose.

People are not tools. They are not chattel. They either work together out of choice, or they do not. Anyone who has ever watched hockey -- as opposed to subverting it for the purpose of wedge politics -- understands that it's the individual efforts of hockey players, focused into working as a team, that wins a championship. That goes for any other team sport.

Ultimately, in every way that really matters, the victories belong to the players who win them.

Jim Parrot's concept of hockey players as only tools is a frightening look into the worldview of far-left collectivism. But that only comes after one gets past the mind-numbing stupidity.

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