Friday, May 20, 2011

More Evidence No One is Illegal Couldn't Carry An Idea In a Bucket

Appearing on a recent edition of Brian Lilley's Byline program on SUN TV, No One is Illegal tried to put a good face on what is otherwise a very disturbed organization.

Appearing for NOII, Luam Kidane attempted to do everything but answer some very simple questions about what it is NOII (describing themselves as a "migrant justice" organization) stands for.

Questions about whether or not NOII advocates purely open borders was met by a barrage of "clarifying question", as Kidane attempted to reach "an understanding" on the terminology she and Lilley would use to discuss the issue.

The clear intent on Kidane's part was to attempt to portray the organization as holding a particular philosophical vigour that simply isn't there.

It's hard to get clear answers out of anyone from NOII. But one thing that comes up repeatedly are two basic ideas that are entirely at odds. One is that "people have the right to migrate". The other is that "Canada is occupied Turtle Island".

It sounds like complete gibberish, but some aboriginal groups describe all of North America as "occupied Turtle Island". But once detail is established and set aside, it becomes clear that the denziens of No One is Illegal haven't really thought out their ideas. Not a whit.

Simply put, if people have the right to migrate, than European settlers had the right to migrate to North America.

Another talking point of No One is Illegal is that no one is obligated to be a "good immigrant" by integrating into the culture and society of the land to which they migrate.

Simply put, people can settle down in any territory they choose to move to and then live however they choose. They have no obligation to become part of "the community" that exists there. In fact, they have no obligation to join that community at all. (Which makes it all the more comical that Kidane justifies her enjoyment of services provided by a state she doesn't recognize as legitimate because "members of the community provide the services".)

Naturally, this does not actually entail the right of a migrant group to dominate an indigenous group. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms NOII could offer about how the Canadian state has treated aboriginals in the past, even as Canadians bend over backwards to make it right today.

But to declare Canada to be an "occupied" territory suggests that non-aboriginal Canadians have no right to be here. Intriguingly, that includes Kidane herself.

Until one considers that No One is Illegal has declared that people have the right to migrate. One would assume that this applies to all people equally, unless it doesn't. Unless there really is some kind of racial bias to NOII's "right to migrate".

In all truth, however, Luam Kidane's appearance on Byline is actually entirely uncharacteristic of No One is Illegal. After all, any group that teaches children to punch Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in effigy could hardly be considered civil, even if some of their members can adopt a veneer of civility when given the opportunity to play Socrates (badly) on national TV.


  1. Are you aware of the similar puerile rantings in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC?

    Like the non-stop verbal diarrhea from Harsha Walia, who managed to inject racism into an anti-government rant that she drooled solidly for 40 minutes non-stop. God, how she loves the sound of her strident, grating, screeching voice. There were no racist comments by anyone, before she raised that canard.
    She also DELIBERATELY, and with malice aforethought, twisted government/Kenney comments on the possibility of Tamil Terrorists on the illegal refugee busting ship, to make it sound like the Government had said that they were ALL terrorists. Absolutely par for the course for these scum. It was lapped up by the crowd of about 40 with their Che, bin Laden and Khomeini T-shirts.

    On a later occasion, she got a free ride from CHIEF Superintendant Rick Taylor RCMP, and Mayor Dereck Corrigan NDP, when she and NOII were allowed to (agaist explicit bylaws) hold an illegal political meeting in a public park, with an illegal public address system operated from the back of a moslem truck, blaring lies into the park and into the homes of adjacent apartment dwellers. That was followed by an illegal parade through Burnaby streets, escorted by three RCMP vehicles, including a $100,000 Major Event Command Vehicle.
    All the while that same strident voice, full of hate and lies, echoed through Burnaby streets, into people's homes.
    That's because Burnaby has a 100% NDP brown-nosing 'council'. Said 'council' has also contributed the use of a library room to the anti-Canadian, anti-US, ANTI-ISRAEL 'cult of thuggery' calling itself MAWO.
    Four free rentals at $75 a pop, is a donation in kind of $300 to a terrorist supporting group which has postered the lower mainland hundreds of times. That is of no concern to the Chief Librarian, even though such postering activity makes MAWO inelligable to use library rooms.

    The common thread is: the leftard swine who wish to destroy our culture, and the NDP/leftard fellow travellers who support them.
    Trained no-doubt in our leftard universities.

  2. PS
    Where was that pathetic event held?
    The one that was indoctrinating Canadian children with hatred, violence and foul-mouthery. Look at the video carefully; where are the images of 200 supporters cheering on the children who are being taught to flip the bird. What is the maximum number you see? About 10-12 for the 'finger' photo-op? That's how pathetic they are.

    Has that video been forwarded to any local government agency regarding illegal use of that property, or was it private property?
    Similarly, to any childen's agencies for brain-washing or contributing to moral deliquency.

    What is known about the key performers in that vile display? Their daytime jobs, if any? The schools/teachers/universities/profs who indoctrinated them?

    Was that 'event' approved of/organized/promoted/funded by the NOII 'top brass', such as they are?
    Has the 'top brass' approved of, or otherwise commented on their sterling performance?

    Finally, who funds the creeps?

  3. The game appeared to be taking place in a public park. Which they have the right to do.

    I don't even remotely beleive that NOII gatherings are illegal, because we have the right to freely assemble in Canada.

    I agree that NOII -- particularly the Toronto branch, who held this event -- are pathetic. But that doesn't justify irrationally frothing at the mouth.

    (BTW, it would be a mistake to consider them well-funded enough to make it worthwhile to wonder where they get their funding from.)


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