Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lizzie May's Priorities: Herself, Herself, Herself

Green Party leader focused on winning a single seat: her own

As the possibility of a federal election looms large, Green Party leader Elizabeth May wants her party to fully understand what her priorities are:

They all hinge around herself; winning her own seat.

So she won't be walking the national campaign beat as hard as the other federal leaders. While Canada's other federal leaders are helping their candidates get elected, May will be focusing all her time on herself.

As it turns out, getting May elected is the top priority of all Green Party candidates. May seems to expect that getting elected themselves will come second for all other Green hopefuls.

"The Green Party nationally has decided this is a priority for all of us," May declared. "I am not going to be required to be crisscrossing the country as much as I did in the 2008 election."

"So, I can stay home, keep knocking on doors."

This leaves virtually all of the Green Party's candidates at an even greater disadvantage than they would have been otherwise: with next to no support at all from their party leader, they'll struggle to create a coherent federal brand for voters to respond to.

No one should be terribly surprised: after all, she is the same leader who butchered her party's own constitution so she could guarantee herself her position as the leader.

For Elizabeth May, the Green Party is all about her. Nothing else.


  1. Yet another reason why she should be excluded from the debates. The leader of a national party seeks to raise the profile of ALL candidates during an election. The Debates are just 2 opportunities to do so, the others being to travel to other ridings and hold rallies, events, speak to the people and get media attention. Because she's not doing any of the hard work to get national attention for her party, then she shouldn't be allowed to force her way into the easy opportunities, especially when she won't even win her own riding.

  2. I'm not sure if I agree that alone is justification for excluding May from the televised debates. Needless to say, I'm still undecided on this matter. I'm having a tough time making up my mind on this one.


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