Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

As a follow-up to Kosovo: Conflict Through the Centuries, Kosov: Life After Independence chronicles the early struggles of Kosovars to create and manage their own country following its secession from Serbia.

No matter how separatists may imagine it -- from Ulster nationalists in Britain to Quebecois separatists in Canada -- countries do not break up gracefully.

While ethnic Albanians were overjoyed by the Kosovar declaration of independence, ethnic Serbs in Kosovo were naturally ill at ease -- Serbian President Boris Tadic promised nothing short of complete defiance in his bid to overturn what he termed an illegal seccession.

In the wake of such a seccession, it's certain that there are some -- in many cases, even entire families -- that may never accept the seccession of Kosovo. The separation of Kosovo may even spawn future separatist movements within predominantly-Serbian portions of Kosovo.

When that time comes, ethnic Albanian Kosovars may have to swallow their own bitter medicine. Unless abated through a proper negotiation and reconciliation, the cycle will merely continue indefinitely.

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