Monday, March 07, 2011

Herman Cain: a President For America's Grandchildren

At an Iowa convention for the Faith Freedom Coalition, CPAC standout Herman Cain delivered another barn-burning speech.

Although Cain hasn't yet declared his candidacy for President of the United States, he seems to be clearly indicating that he will run. He's been hard at work outlining his vision for America. He predicates that vision on three foundational principles:

1. Do the right thing - A United States with Cain as its President would not do things like sue the state of Arizona for implementing immigration legislation that safeguards civil liberties more strongly than the federal law does, and certainly wouldn't do it as a tactic of wedge politics.

That leaders should do the right thing seems intuitive. Yet with a President whose administration sues states for protecting their citizens, or dismisses charges against militant groups who intimidated voters on the day he was elected, it seems that the United States has a President who's far more interested in justifying misdeeds after the fact.

Cain is promising better. It's worth keeping in mind that he shouldn't have to.

2. The United States needs to be an empowerment society, not an entitlement society - The American budget has become overbloated with programs that were founded to help people, but have grown beyond that mandate to become so-called "entitlement programs".

Cain wants to restructure these entitlement problems so that the states have enough power to restore them into what they were originally intended as: assistant programs.

This kind of promise should ring true with anyone who believes in federalism.

3. It's about America's grandchildren - Cain declares that this generation of Americans must become "the defending fathers"; that they must defend the founding principles of the United States, and its future.

In President Barack Obama, the USA has a President who is governing almost strictly for today. He doesn't seem to be concerned that the Obamacare health care reforms aren't fiscally sustainable. He doesn't seem to be concerned that the US' public debt now equals its GDP. In fact, he wants to increase the government debt ceiling so it can be driven even higher.

The United States may not necessarily need ain. But one thing is clear: it needs a new President, one that shares Cain's guiding principles.

Herman Cain would be a President for America's Grandchildren, born and unborn. Right now, they desperately need one.

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