Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ontario Liberals Failing the Fight

Ontario government needs an anti-human trafficking strategy

Of all the crimes currently being perpetrated by organized networks across the world, human trafficking is easily one of the most dangerous, and easily the most immoral.

So on that note, it should be considered shocking to find that any government in Canada is doing anything less than their absolute best to prevent this horrific crime -- in which women are addicted to drugs and horribly abused in order to maintain control over them.

According to University of British Columbia Professor Benjamin Perrin, the province of Ontario isn't pulling its weight. In particular, the province has failed to provide victims of this crime with the help necessary to get them off the street, keep them off the street, and protect them from their assailants.

"The Ontario government should be very well aware that they are responsible for providing victim services, they're not doing so and that needs to change," fumed Perrin. "That's a major gap."

When Conservative MPP Bob Runciman called upon the Minister of Community Safety, Rick Bartolucci, to commit to examining the strategies other provinces are using to combat human trafficking, Bartolucci's response was notably non-committal.

Bartolucci insisted the Liberal government in Ontario does this on an ongoing basis. But it clearly hasn't taken the matter deeply to heart, as the government has no program worthy of mention.

"Whether it's lack of interest or what it is, I just don't think [the Liberals] have been paying any attention to this issue and taking a look at how serious it is," Runciman noted. "There's really been no reaction from them at all."

"I am astounded that the province of Ontario still does not have a system in place to coordinate services for victims of human trafficking," Perrin said. "It is inexcusable, it is dangerous public policy and it is putting the safety and well-being of victims of human trafficking at risk."

One would expect that any Canadian government worthy of governing in this country would treat an issue like human trafficking with the seriousness it deserves. But considering how the Ontario government handled some other recent cases, one simply has to wonder.

The Liberal government of Ontario is failing to show up for the fight against human trafficking.


  1. Page 42 of 63 Canada is Tier 1

    Bill C 268 mandatory minimum Bill

    Have not found if Royal Assent has happened
    October 1, 2009 - Bill C-268 (minimum sentences for offences involving trafficking of persons under the age of eighteen years) passes third reading with a landslide vote, and is off to the Senate. Since tabling Bill C-268 earlier this year, Winnipeg MP Joy Smith has presented signatures from more than 14,000 Canadians demanding that penalties for child trafficking reflect the seriousness of the crime.

  2. Well, I have to tell you that a five year mandatory minimum sentence doesn't fit the seriousness of the crime.

    The mandatory minimum should be life in prison. The maximum sentence? Unfortunately, we abolished capital punishment in Canada...


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