Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Socialist Silly Hall" For Levy

Sue-Ann Levy receives an unexpected endorsement

When former Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy threw her hat into the ring for the St Paul's by-election in Ontario, one probably should have expected that Toronto City Hall would have something to say about her candidacy.

But considering that Levy has been so committed a critic of Toronto's City Council, one would have imagined it wouldn't be positive.

But as it turns out, 10 Toronto City Councillors have come out in support of Levy, heralding her as a true voice for fiscal conservatism.

Case Ootes, Denzil Minnan-Wong, Michael Thompson, Frances Nunziata, Doug Holyday, Rob Ford, David Shiner, John Parker, Cliff Jenkins and Mike Feldman all signed a letter of support recently publicized by the Levy campaign.

"Sue-Ann's feisty and critical spirit has always kept us on our toes and we feel that her relentless quest for truth will go a long way in bringing accountability to Queen's Park," the letter says.

Most of the ten are known conservative councillors.

Denzil Minnan-Wong's father was a prominent member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party. Doug Holyday, John Parker, Rob Ford and David Shiner are party members.

Frances Nunziata, on the other hand, is actually the sister of famed Liberal rat pack member John Nunziata. Her support is a little more surprising.

Whether or not the endorsement -- or the mounting heap of scandal besetting Dalton McGuinty's government -- is enough to help Sue-Ann Levy win the by-election has yet to be seen, but it certainly couldn't hurt.

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