Monday, September 07, 2009

Free Stuff College Students May Not Want

Parti Quebecois membership give away may hit ethnic snag

Anyone who's ever been to college or university knows for certain that the favourite word of any post secondary student is "free".

The Parti Quebecois certainly does.

The PQ youth wing will be handing out free party memberships this fall in a bid to skirt the rules of campuses that forbid political parties from selling memberships there.

According to Quebec Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Claude, the initiative is just an effort to try to boost the PQ's sagging popularity.

"There are so few people following [Marois] that they have to give away memberships to fill events," Bechard said. "It demonstrates that their ideas are no longer finding traction."

But Alexandre Theriault-Marois, the Vice President of Political Affairs for the PQ youth wing, insisted Bechard's comments were "cheap".

"We have ideas and we want to enrich them," Theriault-Marois insisted.

But as the PQ attempts to swell its youth ranks with students, one may wonder how many immigrant students will be taking the bait.

Former PQ Quebec Premier Bernard Landry suggested Quebec needed to extend Bill 101's jurisdiction to Quebec's Colleges and Universities.

So as the Parti Quebecois hands out free memberships, one may wonder whether or not immigrant students would be willing to accept one -- even at the "bargain price" of gratis.

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