Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Time to Abolish the Flag

Canada's flag is a disgraceful, exclusionary symbol

As Calgary's Mount Royal College debates whether or not it will fly the Canadian flag, the eyes of many Canadians have been opened to the true nature of Canadian patriotism.

The oversized Canadian flag that used to fly on the roof of Wyckham House, where the Mount Royal College Students' Union operates from, was taken down last year while the building was renovated.

Re-hanging the flag has been delayed after someone submitted an unsigned letter to the Mount Royal Students' Union suggesting that the flag is an exclusionary symbol.

The eyes of many Canadians have surely been opened.

"People may not realize that overt displays of patriotism can also be seen as exclusionary and even sometimes work to undermine democratic ideals," the letter continues.

Certainly, it's true! Democracy is undermined when citizens love their country. Canadians have loved their country for far too long. The only way to build a healthy democracy in this country is for its citizens to stop caring about it. Only when Canadians don't give a shit what happens to this country can we ever have a democratically strong country.

In Strong Democracy, Benjamin Barber cautions people against loving their country.

"Your country probably sucks," he suggests. "The best way to attain democratic ideals is to realize that it sucks, and never care enough to make it any better. It'll all work out somehow. I think."

Indeed, the Canadian flag is a shameful, exclusionary symbol. Flying it only serves to isolate those who don't give a shit about this country. Flying large Canadian flags is a disgrace.

In fact, the smaller a Canadian flag is, the better. The government should immediately roll out a new anti-patriotism program wherein we will pay millions of dollars to print and distribute Canadian flags so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

It's important symbolically, you see. Not giving a fuck about Canada is how we'll prove we have a tolerant society.


  1. Fuck. that. shit.

    It's a good thing that letter was unsigned because the author would be hunted down.

    How can anyone seriously believe anything so stupid? Our flag is a symbol of hope throughout the world, hundreds of thousands of new immigrants come here every year because OUR FLAG is a symbol of freedom,acceptance and hope.

    Holy shit, I'm just floored at the stupidity of some people.

  2. But, Muchacho! Don't you understand? Patriotism is a terrible thing! ;)

  3. Upon reading the letter I stand corrected. I am humbled by the irrefutable arguments brought forth by this genius author who very clearly has a much deeper understanding of this country and of democracy than I ever will.

    Looks like there will be some tattoo removal in my future thanks to this letter and to you Patrick for opening my eyes!

    How could I have been so wrong for so long!


  4. I guess that makes us all a bunch of APRIL FOOLS!



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