Monday, April 06, 2009

Charley Pride: Class Act

Charley Pride reimburses over-charged fan

When Edmonton resident Jay Cole wrote Charley Pride about a company that had charged his mother, Jacqueline Sharp, $1,200 for a pair of concert tickets worth $133, he didn't expect all that much from the singer.

"Basically I was hoping he would dedicate a song to her or maybe he could meet her after the show or something, then that was it until last week when their office contacted me and it snowballed into this," explained.

Instead, Charley Pride -- whom Big & Rich describe as country music's "real man in black" -- flew into Edmonton to reimburse her personally.

"I didn't do this so that it would snowball into anything, other than I sometimes get tired of being used as an artist in these kind of situations," Pride said. "I've always wanted what I call a fair thing pertaining to me and my fans and how much they charge to come to my shows. I've always stated that to all of my people whom I have worked with."

Cole was angry not with Pride, but with the California-based ticket scalping company that had gouged her.

"It made me mad that someone would charge that much and take advantage of my mom, not knowing that was way too much to pay," Cole explained.

Many musicians today wouldn't give a second thought to someone like Jacqueline Sharp. Not Charley Pride. The man is a true class act, and deserves a very special welcome when he returns to Edmonton to play his concert in June.

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