Monday, April 13, 2009

Ruby's Hot, Hot, Hot

Liberal MP at centre of emerging scandal

Ruby Dhalla is one Liberal MP who turns some heads.

So many, in fact, that Maxim magazine named her the world's third sexiest politician.

But now, Dhalla is at the centre of an ongoing controversy about a Bollywood film in which she starred in 2003. Dhalla has been attempting to block the sale of the DVD, claiming that the film's producers have doctored promotional materials to feature her image. More specifically, she claims that her face has been super-imposed onto another woman's body.

But, as it turns out, there's more afoot in this story than this.

The film, Kyon Kis Liye, received a $13,000 grant from Heritage Canada -- documents CTV obtained from Heritage Canada reveal that the project was judged to "not meet any of the terms and conditions of existing departmental programs," and thus be inelligible to receive such a grant.

At the time Heritage Canada was under the supervision of Sheila Copps, who at that point represented another Hamilton-area riding.

Ruby Dhalla insists that she knows nothing about the grant and Sheila Copps has, to date, not commented.

But with Dhalla working so hard to suppress the film's release on DVD, it's becoming increasingly evident that Dhalla was trying to conceal more than just some allegedly embarrassing promotional materials.

Dhalla's attempt to suppress her own film career doesn't quite pass the sniff test.


  1. I`d be embarrassed too if I had appeared in such a production! As for trying to suppress the release, it`s all about this MP trying to save her credibility! Why not, in the liberal way, use the power of position to suppress and try to erase faux pas of the past.

  2. I can't help but feel that she probably knew what would come down the tube if anyone were motivated to scrutinize this film.


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