Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smell That? It's the Sweet Smell of Defeat

Savour it deeply

As is so often the case with the terminally intellectually-cowardly Martin Rayner, one supposes that his most recent post -- a rebuttal to a previous post here -- will just need to be tucked away in the "truth hurts" files.

At the end of the day, regardless of whatever excuses he may offer, Mr Rayner settled for controversy mongering on a day when a discussion about how and why Canada's aboriginals continue to live in horrific poverty should have been welcome to anyone.

But it really just goes to reinforce the known truth of Mr Rayner's character: he prefers empty words, particularly at a time when ideas -- the very things he is so terrified of -- are what really matter.

So he can continue his ineffectual attempts at muck-raking and ridicule. Martin Rayner has had countless chances to step up to the plate and live up to his self-proclaimed billing.

Instead, he waved the white flag -- something those that are on to him are unlikely to ever forget, even if the group-thinking weasels he surrounds himself with will bend over backwards to pretend differently.


  1. You're pathetic beyond belief. What a hopeless wanker.

  2. Really, Marty? I'm not the so-called "red tory" who spends the better part of his day spewing hatred and contempt on the internet, undermining absolutely everything a proper red tory stands for.

    I'm not the so-called "progressive" who turned his back on thousands of impoverished aboriginals out of a simple refusal to discuss issues more important than empty controversy.

    I'm not the mindless twit who takes his marching orders from one of the most vicious and contemptuous individuals to ever roam the blogosphere.

    So tell me more about being "pathetic", Marty. You seem to know the territory rather well yourself.


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