Saturday, June 28, 2008

Canadian Cynic and Lulu's Hysterical Hypocrisy for Today

Previously on Hypocritical Groupthinkers Gone Wild: "It's classless to comment on the marriage of a political opponent."

This week: "Unless it's us doing it. Then, it's all hunky dory.

As a side note:

Congratulations to Kathy Shaidle on her marriage. Hopefully, her typically (and incredibly) classless detractors won't spoil it for her.


  1. Hey Twatsy, when did Shaidle become a gay politician?

    The whole point of LuLu's post was that Shaidle, in her own post, can't seem to help but be miserable even as she's posting her own wedding picture.

    I hope her and Arnie are happy. They probably deserve each other.

    Do you ever feel the teeniest bit of a breeze near you forehead as everything goes whizzing by right over top of it?

    At least you can console yourself with this - you're always getting the better deal in any exchange of ideas.

  2. Hypocrisy thy very name is Frank.

    If you call "it's OK for us to comment about people's wedding day, but not for our opponents" an actual idea, you can just go ahead and to that.

    You really do consider that an idea, don't you?

    That's really what I enjoy most about you -- you're so unashamedly, unabashaedly, unrepentantly ridiculous, and you don't even seem to realize it.

    The fact is, Frankie, I don't even have to make fun of you. You do that all on your own.

    But feel free to swing by the next time you feel the need to try and twist the very meaning of hypocrisy in order to defend it.

  3. Thick as a fucking plank. As usual.

  4. If you say so, Marty: I prefer to think of is as rejecting pitiful excuses.


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