Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is the Line in the Sand

Cross it at Your Own Peril

And another one bites the dust: another cowardly, vicious, anonymous online troll.

Over at his his blog, Mike Brock has given Canadian Cynic and his cowardly coterie of would-be rabble-rousers a little something to think about.

In a clever act of IP-tracing, Brock was able to trace Don who apparently thought
"One wonders how Brock can bear to seperate Harper's dick from his mouth long enough to eat?" qualifies as legitimate political discourse and identified him as Don Beemer, Vice President of the Manitoba wing of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Naturally, Cynic doesn't like it.

And of course he wouldn't. The remaining days of Cynic's own anonymity have been slowly ticking away ever since he conjured the gall to attack a grieving mother while cowering behind his veil of anonymity, flaunting it all the while. And while his reaction to all the absolutely justified criticism directed at him over the cowardly attack degenerated into little more than an extended online temper tantrum, it immediately became obvious what had to be done.

Somebody has to strip this little worm of his anonymity.

That day, a line in the sand was drawn, and the outrage amongst his compatriots and various partisan defenders was positively palpable. Individuals such as Canadian Cynic, they argued, are apparently entitled to their anonymity -- or, rather, entitled to attack people from behind that anonymity.

They insist it's about privacy. But then we see what they think about their opponents' privacy.

One would almost like to concede that these people are entitled to their anonymity. But unfortunately, we've seen what they do with it. And it's positively an atrocity.

So this is the line in the sand. And naturally, it's very unnerving to the would-be demagogues who want to disguise personal attacks and character assassination as political discourse. It's even more unnerving to the chickenshits who can't muster the guts to do so under the guise of their own identity.

Some of them have already been publicly identified. Those who are either too cowardly to stand up to these bullies or who simply lack the moral acumen to approve of their disarming can, quite frankly, stuff their disapproval.

This isn't about playing nice with people who won't play by the same rules -- it's about forcing them to, whether they like it or not.

We've already revealed a few of them. And if others don't clean up their act, more will follow.


  1. I'm confused. You're agreeing with McClelland over at my blog, and then you write this post, which appears supportive.

  2. I'm mostly supportive, but I find one particular point to be contentious.

    I agree with him regarding, specifically, posting his place of employment. That, specifically, was going too far.

    But if he wants to skulk around anonymously and attack people like that, I'd say revealing his name is fair game.

    Actually, the fact that mr Beemer is running around the blogosphere posting homophobic -- and extremely juvenile -- comments to be very interesting indeed.

    But posting his place of work is taking things a little far, in my opinion.

    Understand what I'm saying?

  3. Yes. But I disagree, because the transgression occurred from a work computer.

    His use of a work computer is the main reason I caught him.

    If he had been posting from a home computer, I would not have identified his employer. This seems to be the nuance that everyone is missing.

  4. I see.

    Well, I'm still a little leery about it, but at least now it makes a little more sense.

    And by the way, there is little doubt in my mind that McClelland did mean to intimidate you, regardless of whether or not he actually meant to threaten you.

    Speaking of scumminess (and it seems that we have been as late), it would seem Mr McClelland is fairly comfortable being knee-deep in it.

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