Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Red Tory Ups the Ante with a Brilliant Rebuttal


In the manner of many who simply can't allow better minds to ever have the last word, Red Tory has responded to my rebuttal of yesterday with a less-than-brilliant and comicly much-less-than-scathing retort:

"Like a brainless flesh-eating zombie in a B-grade horror flick, flame-baiting CELEBRITY BLOGGER Patrick Ross, simply refuses to remain in the six-feet-under of cyberspace where he more rightfully belongs."
Really? Six-feet-under? In Red Tory's dreams, perhaps.

It's hard to hold such "brilliant" comment against him, however. Clearly, he's very, very angry.

"He’s back seeking attention; brainless and intellectually slovenly as ever, now with a hilariously feeble-minded “rebuttal” which is actually nothing more than a warmed-over rehash of the fabulously dreary assertions he made in the comments section of an earlier thread. The fact these have already been thoroughly rubbished is something that the late Mr. Ross is evidently too much of a catastrophically bumptious, willfully deluded clod to acknowledge, let alone accept."
Wow. He says such mean things. But he again overlooks a number of key facts, including the fact that he chose to address me in his blog. That's an invitation to a rebuttal. In fact, rebuttal seems necessary, and was delivered. If anyone was "seeking attention", was it not the individual who addressed me in the first place? It would seem that he was indeed seeking my attention.

And now he's so unhappy that he managed to get it? Why is that? Could it be because he, his cronies and his groupies all got more than enough of that attention, and between the lot of them, couldn't defeat me, or even so much as make me angry?

My comments were thoroughly rubbished? Surely he jests. Actually, he's never addressed the comments themselves at all, and apparently won't.

For example, will he refute the lack of practical distinction between anonymity and pseudonymity in terms of concealing one's identity? Will he explain how he can compare Canadian Cynic to some of history's greatest political thinkers, and still retain his intellectual dignity?

Apparently not.

Which is fair enough; sometimes in life it is simply better to admit defeat and move on.

While admitting defeat is apparently a skill Red Tory has yet to master, moving on, well... we'll see whether or not that's a different story.


  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Wow, really need the attention don't you?

  2. And apparently you need it to keep you busy.

    Ever heard of a "slow newsweek", dummy?

  3. Patrick,

    Forget it, you can't out think those who aren't thinking.

  4. I know that, Kevin. I was just giving these fools the benefit of the doubt.


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