Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kevin Potvin Turns Capitalist

The dream is over

The man who celebrated 9/11 as an attack on capitalism has embraced, well... capitalism.

"Changes at The Republic [Of East Vancouver] are necessary", Kevin Potvin In his most recent issue.

Potvin has apparently concluded that either The Republic is losing him too much money, or isn't making him enough money. He identifies three areas in which he's losing money: using volunteers to distribute copies in cities outside of Vancouver, his current $30 subscription per 25-issue output is "unsustainable" and the costs of distributing his circulation.

"While this newspaper was never set up to be a commercial enterprise first (it has always been and it always will be a public policy experiment first)," Potvin explains, "It nonetheless must at least exhibit some of the behaviors of a business."

For those individuals who read The Republic out of anti-capitalist sentiments, take heart: at least he's sorry.


  1. Now that is comedy gold. What a priceless quote: "It nonetheless must at least exhibit some of the behaviors of a business." LOL.

  2. His public policy experiment is apparently not turning out as he had hoped.

    You have to feel a bit sorry for him, though. The act of charging for his newspaper isn't all that unreasonable. He just fills it up with so much extreme leftist/populist drivel that it actually seems to violate the principles on which he has allegedly founded his publication to do so.


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