Saturday, July 24, 2010

That's Right, Michael, We Don't Need to Replace the CF-18

Thank you for regaling Canadians with nearly the exact line of thinking that led to a swarth of Sea King helicopter crashes post-1993.

(That, by the way, came from the producer of "we didn't need to disrupt diplomatic relations with Iran over Zahra Kazemi". Just imagine what a Canadian Passport would be good for if Michael Byers ever became Minister of Foreign Affairs.)

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  1. "Liberal societies," Ignatieff wrote in The Lesser Evil, "cannot be defended by herbivores. We need carnivores to save us."

    I am curious what specific military purchases, upgrades the former NDP candidate has supported.

    Have the Liberals, Bloc, NDP or Green provided their ideas with a replacement for the existing CF-18? Where are their alternatives?

    The Liberals bought five taxis and two of them have been reconfigured to be used for air to air refueling.

    Chretien branded the EH-101 helicopters "Cadillacs" during the election campaign that ended two consecutive governments of Tory rule, most of it under Brian Mulroney.
    Chretien spent 10 years in power without ever replacing the rusted out Sea Kings, which sapped morale in the Air Force and Navy, and proved more costly when new helicopters were eventually purchased.

    Minister McCallum to announce in 2003 that the CF would not be purchasing strategic lift aircraft.

    Of the five Polaris aircraft flown by the squadron, four are configured as normal airliners, carrying 194 passengers at a top speed of 460 knots. Any one of these is, by choice, used by the prime minister and other members of the government. However, the remaining aircraft, No. 001, is configured as a VIP transport, and is used for the Queen and other high dignitaries.


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