Friday, July 23, 2010

Speaking of Douchebags... Let's Slug Some Douchebags

In the wake of an announcment that a number of suspects have been arrested in relation to the G20 riots -- some of them for the vandalism and arson of police cruisers -- the time seems about right to trot out a few of the douchebags who fell all over themselves trying to accuse police of having provoked the riots and give them the rhetorical punch in the face they so richly deserve.

Among them is a an individual who attempted to identify rioters as Agents Provocateurs based on wearing the same shoe. They weren't wearing the same shoes. One of the vandals pictured was even wearing sneakers.

Even more comical was Terry Burrows, who offered dark and grainy photographs of car-smashing Black Bloc hooligans and declared them to be "clearly" the same boot as worn by riot officers. the dark and grainy photos he offered as evidence actually made nothing clear.

Also rather comical is Rady Ananda, who declared one Black Bloc rioter to be an provocateur based on his hairstyle. His hairstyle!

Even more remarkable was the efforts of our aforementioned shoe-sleuth to attempt to identify one of the men who smashed and torched a police cruiser as an undercover officer at the 2008 Montebello Summit.

That individual has since been identified as 23-year-old Andrew Loughrin and arrested.

Another "enterprising" blogger singled this individual out as a police provocateur based on -- get this -- he was wearing an expensive jacket. (Apparently, anarchists must never go skiing.)

Very amusingly, one progressive blogger managed to conveniently forget the "Black Bloc" meme the anarchists utilitized at the G20. A the 2:35 mark of the video this individual posted, an undercover officer is identified as being dressed as an anarchist. One presumes that he was dressed to instead pass as a member of the little-read-of "Blue Bloc" (not to be mistaken with your blue box).

Even more comically in this video, if a Black Bloc anarchist happened to be wearing a black boot, it was treated as the same black boot as worn by any other Black Bloc anarchist.

It's an amusing case of the famed confirmation bias -- in which individuals look only for details that confirm their conspiracy theories, and discard all others -- at work. It's also another black eye for individuals who "speculated" about the presence of police instigators at the G20 summit.

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