Thursday, June 24, 2010

Global Leftism Wears Its Mania on Its Sleeve

Frances Russell lays her cards on the table...

...And they're all jokers.

How else to explain the embarrassing (if only Russell had the sense to be ebmarrassed) op/ed, entitled "Banking, Smoke and Mirrors", published in the Winnipeg Free Press?

If any doubt remained that Russell is, in fact, an extreme leftist, this op/ed piece ought to dispell any such doubt.

In the article, Russell counter-factually insists that the Canadian government did, indeed, bailout its banks, and so should support the global banking tax being pushed by various Eurpean left-wing governments.

In order to make this case, Russell channels economics Jim Stanford and Michel Choussudovsky.

These are, of course, no ordinary economists. Stanford is currently in the employ of the Canadian Auto Workers union -- essentially a labour front for the NDP. The other individual, Choussudovsky, is currently involved with the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Describing itself as an "independent research and media group of progressive writers, scholars and activists committed to curbing the tide of 'globalisation' and 'disarming' the New World Order", the organization's website is an eye-opener on how seriously the organization should be taken.

Among other things, the organization has been a haven for 9/11 truthers ranging from the University of Lethbridge's Anthony J Hall to Louis Farrakhan.

A global bank tax would be a rather odd initiative for a group opposing the so-called "New World Order" to support. After all, attempting to impose such a measure is actually a globalizing influence. Clearly, the difference is that this is their globalization (which they believe to be good). It shockingly resembles measures proposed by left-wing globalist George Monbiot, who has embraced the climate change cause simply because it will aid his efforts to push for a global parliament.

In fact, a global tax on bank transactions was the means by which Monbiot has insisted that such a Parliament would be funded.

Based on something like this, it's nearly impossible for a rational person to see the global bank tax for what it really is: as a tool of imposing global leftism on the rest of the world. Which, apparently, is the good kind of globalization.

Russell concludes her op/ed by suggesting that Canadians should judge Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party by what she says they have done -- supporting de-regulation of banking -- and not by what they have actually done -- introducing a federal securities regulator.

Just as it's impossible to take the Centre for Research on Globalization seriously, it's becoming very difficult to take Frances Russell seriously.


  1. China, India and Canada have repeated the Robin Hood or Bank Tax is a no-go.

    The countries that have failed banks are free to take local action to clean up their problems.

    The left are in panic mode, as the governments are dumping the socialist governments for lower taxes and more pain for fiscal sanity.

    The tap is being turned off to large unions, pensions and programs of entitlement.

    Greece, France riots and protests will spread and engulf Europe as the Euro fails.

    Merkel is under pressure to stop propping up the southern European countries that won't fix their balance sheets.

    This is the greatest time for being a conservative and the CPC in Canada are in sweet spot.

  2. If you want a better sense of what this bank tax is really about, I highly recommend reading Manifesto For a New World Order by George Monbiot.

    It's actually a rather frightening book, but you'll recognize a lot of it.

    Then dig up a copy of Ideas edited by Bernie Lucht and read the George Monbiot transcript you'll find in it.

    Monbiot is the new Alinsky.


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