Friday, June 25, 2010

The Futility of John Baglow

One almost has to feel sorry for John "Dr Dawg" Baglow.

For years, Baglow has built himself an ill-deserved reputation by digging into issues that other people simply don't have the time or patience to dig into. In the absence of people with said time or patience, he managed to build quite a niche within the Canadian blogosphere.

Now that niche is clearly under threat as his favourite pet issue, the controversy surrounding Rights and Democracy, has been addressed by another individual with the time and patience to explore the matter more thoroughly.

None other than Terry Glavin, who points out the extent to which Rights and Democracy had been mismanaged prior to the tenure of current R&D board chairman Aurel Braun.

Evidently, the best response Baglow can offer up is this:
It's a remarkably dishonest response to Glavin's article. While Glavin mentions a belief in a Zionist conspiracy that Baglow himself alleges...
...Glavin never once mentions the word "anti-semite", nor any other variation of the word.

It reminds one of what John Baglow really embraced when he embraced Chickenwankerism: he not only embraced intellectual cowardice, but also embraced intellectual futility.

After all, refusing to debate honestly is how they prove they're smarter, isn't it?

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