Thursday, November 05, 2009

Yeah, Antonia. About That Whole "Sexism" Thing...

Zerbisias decries state of feminism in United States

Writing from her bully pulpit at the Toronto Star, Antonia Zerbisias continues her ongoing quest against... yep, you guessed it: sexism.

Yet among those she identifies as the targets of sexism in the United States is, oddly, enough Sarah Palin.

"Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin? Both still get 'bitch-slapped' around in the most virulent sexist terms," Zerbisias complains. "Women's looks, their clothing, even their voices – all are not-so-fair game, no matter how accomplished they may be."

It's an interesting complaint. One might wonder what Zerbisias would have thought if a sexist attack on Sarah Palin were made by someone who is allegedly accomplished, and female.

How about by Zerbisias' "chesty sister" Heather Mallick?

Mallick's "Mighty Wind" has been played and replayed so much it's almost become a cliche. But at a time like this, it might be a useful exercise to examine a few of Mallick's more "enlightened" comments in the course of that article:

-Palin appealed to the "white trash" vote (by the way, Republicans apparently own that).
-Republican men are sexually inadequate.
-Palin dresses like a porn actress.
-Bristol Palin's pregnancy means Sarah and Todd Palin are bad parents.

Readers may recall that "A Mighty Wind" was the column that pretty much convinced CBC to take her punditry skills elsewhere and stick to writing fluff. (Mallick has, by the way, plied her punditry skills elsewhere, with disastrous results.)

One may want to direct their attention toward the latter two bullet points. It sounds an awful lot like the "women's looks, their clothing, even their voices" complaint that Zerbisias is making here.

As a matter of fact, it sounds exactly like it.

So, one may wonder what it was that Antonia Zerbisias had to say about Heather Mallick's "Mighty Wind". The answer seems to be "why, nothing. Nothing at all."

To find that such a dedicated denizen of the far left could be so disingenuous isn't all that hard to believe. In fact, observers of what passes for feminist commentary these days have long realized that sexism (like racism) can be perfectly acceptable, so long as it comes from the "right" source.

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