Monday, November 30, 2009

Are They Protesting Because They're Women, or Because They're Civil Servants?

Public Servant Alliance protests abolition of long gun registry

There's something about the long gun registry that renders Canada's left wing entirely irrational.

This was prominently on display recently, as the Public Servant Alliance of Canada protested at the office of Sackville-Eastern Shore MP Peter Stoffer (NDP), who recently voted in favour of abolishing the long gun registry.

The problem is that the small crowd of 25 women -- chanting "we will not be silent," -- pretended they were protesting Stoffer's vote under the pretenses of feminism.

"To think that a woman's life might be worth less than being able to bag a deer easily is unreal and it's a sad state of affairs that we're in this year marking the 20th anniversary of the Montreal massacre by abolishing the long-gun registry," complained Lori Walton, who is also planning a commemorative vigil for the victims of the L'Ecole Polytechnique shooting.

Walton and the PSAC aren't the only ones to try to make this argument. Antonia Zerbisias recently attempted the same feat, less than a month after a column in which she fibbed about the weapons used to kill the Mayerthorpe four.

Zerbisias argued that "Poll after poll has shown that women, including rural women, overwhelmingly supported the long-gun registry."

But polls have also shown that the majority of Canadians favour abolishing the registry. Only in Quebec did a majority favour maintaining it.

And just while only in the minds of Zerbisias and her followers do the various insular activist groups who purport to speak for all Canadian women actually represent all of Canada's women, only in the mind of Zerbisias should a majority of women count for more than the majority of all Canadians.

But even while the protesters at Stoffer's office pretended that they were there as women and not as public servants, they made their true motivations perfectly evident -- all while pretending that the gun registry is actually a tool of gun control.

"Dangerous people are refused their guns, which is what we should be doing. So yes, she does tell me a lot about the good that's coming out of it," said Anne Faban-Wood.

Of course, the fact that the gun registry doesn't keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people -- the perpetrator of the Dawson College shooting perpetrated the act with a registered weapon -- seems entirely lost on these people. But even in the face of this inconsistency, people like Faban-Wood make themelves entirely transparent.

The "she" Wood talks about is actually her sister, who works on the registry.

Which is really what the long gun registry is about to the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

While, to people like Antonia Zerbisias, the long gun registry is a program of left-wing ideological welfare, to the PSAC it's simply a matter of bureaucratic welfare.


  1. Great post. You should check with the Polls regarding QC again. I think you will find it they are closer to the CPC than the NDP via tougher crimes and gun control. I will try to find the polls or links.
    I am under the impression the CPC spend alot of money doing reseach and moving issues that will resonate with their cores values and beliefs.

    It may be about minimum sentences or get tough legislation (Poll).

  2. CBC's carrying a Heather Mallick column on the same topic today. It seems that someone finally decided to lift that evident moratorium on Mallick writing about politics again.

    The problem is, when you take a look at the comments section, even CBC readers aren't buying her tripe.

  3. Sad. Just Sad. You are the one who really doesn't "get it". Gun are in existence for one reason only - to kill. If you are a person who has a deep "need" to kill - whether it be animals or people - you are anti-gun registration. What is the problem with registering a gun. The major cost of the gun registry was setting it up, & that has already been spent. It costs almost nothing, relative to most programs, to run now. Why in the world would anyone object to registering. You register your car. You can still drive your car, just like you can still own your gun. But if it is registered, it can be traced. If, as you say, you are a good law-abiding citizen, what is the problem. All the police forces in Canada support the gun registry & use it daily. The "majority of Canadians" that you cite as anti-registry are, in the LARGE part, men. And a few women who follow the "leader". Just sad.

  4. Sad, indeed.

    Apparently, you just don't understand that the long gun registry simply isn't a tool of gun control. It's done nothing to keep guns out of the hands of people like Kimveer Gill, who committed his rampage with a registered weapon.

    That was a person with a "deep need to kill". And he registered his gun.

    Kinda kills your whole "murderous sociopath" theorem, doesn't it?

    I could go on further. But really, what further need is there? It's a waste of resources -- time and money. Good riddance to it.

    In conclusion, you're a lunatic.


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