Friday, August 07, 2009

Meet the New Foreign Policy, Not So Different From the Old Foreign Policy

Speaking via ForaTV, Hilary Clinton outlines the fundamental principles of the Obama administration's foreign policy.

If Clinton's description of these policies doesn't sound terribly different from that of any of her predecessors one could easily be forgiven. Her "no challenge can be met without America" is typical of the America-centric notions of international cooperation shared by the George W Bush administration.

Clinton almost certainly intends for her comments to be taken as a repudiation of the often-unilateral foreign policy of the Bush administration, and yet risks falling victim to the same follies. After all, this view of American exceptionalism is what led to unilateralism in the first place.

It's no wonder that, no matter how much American administrations are at least believed to change, very little -- at least in terms of foreign policy -- actually does.

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