Monday, August 31, 2009

The Burning Stupid of Canada's Extreme Left

From the same people who brought you the insidious Ollie North/Taliban conspiracy theory comes this recent gem in which John Baglow, aka "Dr Dawg", takes issue with a less recent National Post Full Comment blogpost by Raphael Alexander.

In the post, Raphael renews the call for the trial of Omar Khadr to begin:
"Seven years in prison without trial is certainly a lengthy incarceration without due process, and I am concerned that we may never get to see Omar Khadr’s day in court."
What emerges as so distasteful however, is the notion that Alexander would think that Khadr is likely guilty:"
...This is still a man 22 years of age who, if released in the next few years, would still have his entire life to make amends with his fellow Canadian citizens, to whom he has brought shame and embarrassment"
"Seven years without trial -- and still guilty," Baglow complains.

Which leads one to ask themselves this question:

What, precisely, do John Baglow and company think Omar Khadr was doing in Afghanistan in the first place? Enjoying tea and crumpets?

One really does wonder. Because, as Mike from (Ir)Rational Reasons seems to indicate, they really may have no clue whatsoever:
"Raph does not even entertain the possibility that Omar is not guilty of the crime his is accused of and is the victim of his circumstances - brought to Afghanistan by his father at a young age and brought up in that environment.

Its simple: if he is guilty of an actual crime, produce the evidence and convict him. Now. Otherwise, bring him home and let him go. Now.
Apparently, in the mind of Mike -- and one wonders how many share his particularly fevered and hazardous way of thinking -- a "not guilty" verdict in a trial means that Omar Khadr walks free immediately.

And if a judge were particularly reckless with Canadian national security, that very well may be the case.

After all, Canadians know full well what Omar Khadr was doing in Afghanistan -- or, rather, what Ahmed Said Khadr was doing on the many occasions when he had his family overseas. In 2003, Ahmed, a known Al Qaida financier, was killed in a firefight in Pakistan.

He was continuing to indoctrinate his children in his militant Islamic religious beliefs, and involving them in militant Islamic groups. In 2002, Ahmed Khadr sent Omar with a band of Arab Muslims who associated Abu Laith al-Libi, a senior Al Qaida leader.

Ahmed Khadr had a habit of putting his sons into warzones that should disquiet even the most unscrupulous "peace" activist -- the kind of "peace" activist that have often been willing to participate in rallies with the Khadrs. Not only did Ahmed Khadr expose Omar to the rigours of warfare, but his son Abdul Karim Khadr was paralyzed during the same firefight in which Ahmed himself was killed.

Omar Khadr is a child soldier -- not simply a child soldier, but a child terrorist soldier. And that makes his prospect of immediate release far cloudier than Mike is giving it credit for.

Demobilizing child soldiers is a long and arduous process. Child soldiers need to be provided with education and psychiatric care. The rehabilitation of Omar Khadr would only be further complicated by the fact that his enlistment as a child soldier was also a gross act of child abuse -- even though he and his family may not recognize it.

To turn Khadr loose into the public would be allowing a ticking time bomb to go free. While Mike is close to spot-on when he notes the resentment that comes with seven years of imprisonment without trial -- only another reason why said detention is a miscarriage of justice -- but to credit that with any militancy is to ignore his family history, and ignore what his father indoctrinated him in, and subjected him to.

Considering Mike's long and far-from-rational history of lunacy, one should be far from surprised to find that he has so little grasp of these concepts.

That he can't conceive of the very real possibility -- even likelihood -- that a child soldier indoctrinated in Islamic militancy could be dangerous is just another example of the burning stupidity of Canada's far left.


  1. As someone who has followed the Khadr story for many years, the truth behind the trial delay can squarely be put on Khadr's defense team(both American and Canadian)What could they possibly gain? TIME!!! They hoped that Obama would set Khadr free,then they hoped the media frenzy (all for the little terrorist bastard)would get Khadr released,then a Coalition government would set Omar free,then they proposed the "EDNEY PLAN"whereas Omar would be placed in a foster home and would be de-programmed(to get in touch with his inner terrorist?)and finally an Activist Judiciary would force the Canadian Gvmt. to re-patriate the little terrorist turd..
    Now Edney &Co. have little time left.Khadr will get his day in court much to the displeasure of Khadr's legal team.They have avoided any attempt to get Khadr in a courtroom and still think that the public up-roar(What uproar?) will set their client free...DREAM ON!!!

  2. I find all of that very hard to believe.

    The American Military Court set up in Guantanamo has very clearly drug its feet on the Khadr case in particular. Khadr may or may not be guilty of killing the American medic in question. But one thing is for certain: he is a child soldier, and he does need to be properly de-mobilized through proper psychiatric care.

  3. What is so hard to believe???0ne thing the bleeding hearts seem to forget is the Khadr is a star case for the U.S.military and they have no intention of letting him go.He is not a child soldier but a terrorist thug.Read lawyer Howard Anglin's piece"Omar Khadr is not a child soldier",or even Ezra Levant"s discussion of the Geneva Convention.What is it with the people who are supplicating for a known terrorist???Disgraceful is what it is.

  4. Khadr was indoctrinated all his life in the ideology of Islamic militancy and sent off to participate in a war when he was 15.

    That is the very definition of a child soldier. A child terrorist soldier, perhaps, but still a child soldier.

    Khadr is a victim of perhaps one of the most shocking cases of child abuse I have ever been made aware of.


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