Monday, January 05, 2009

And That Makes 5

Congratulations to our men's junior hockey team for a fifth well-earned championship!

You've done our country proud 30,000,000 times over.


  1. You need to play "We Are the Champions" on this blog, Patrick. Just for a day or so, anyway.

  2. Just click the YouTube player, Jared, and enjoy.

  3. (wipes away a tear)

    That was beautiful.

    Sweden deserves props for many things-its mastery of the mixed economy, the Volvo, IKEA, Ace of Base and ABBA-but when it comes to hockey, we're the best in the world.

    Whether it's Paul Henderson at the '72 Summit Series, double gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics, or our most recent victory over the Swedes, we are the champions.

    Thanks, Patrick.


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