Monday, April 14, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

All the height of Jon Stewart and all the funny, too

Watch out Stephen Colbert, America has a pint-sized answer to you.

Calling themselves Swift Kids for Truth, these prepubescent pundits have taken aim at the art of negative campaigning, reminding us that some of the "sophisticated political messaging techniques" being pushed by political consultants these days were mastered on schoolyards everywhere long, long ago.

The ads mostly take aim at Hillary Clinton (who may have called this on herself with her "3AM" ads), and most importantly, they're funny as hell.

Hillary Clinton - Anti-cookie:

Rudolph Guiliani - Says "9/11" a lot, so it's important:

John Edwards - Metrosexual:

Hillary Clinton - "Holy shit! She's a dude!":

Barack Obama - His name is hard to say:

Hillary Clinton - Whitewater!:

And, a quick message from the Swift Nannies (for Truth!):

Of course, it would be facetious to suggest these kids hatched this entire idea on their own. All the more likely, the Swift Kids are the brainchildren of Larry Gibbard Jr and Terry Nathers. They probably have their own political agenda, but in the meantime, the comedy is fantastic.

Ironically, they've been around since at least December 2007. But CNN just caught on.

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