Friday, April 11, 2008

The Final Refuge of the Intellectual Coward

Apparently, some denizens of the left-wing blogosphere have no idea what "lies and fabrications" are

Readers of the Nexus may recall what the first refuge of the intellectual coward is.

And today Martin Rayner has reminded us what the last refuge of the intellectual coward is: dismissing inconveniently factual points as "lies".

After all, Marty, if "you can't define what a progressive is, so you can't tell us we aren't progressives" doesn't summarize your expressed beliefs, what else was the point of this particular spittle-feckled temper tantrum?

If you truly take exception to that interpretation of your impotent tirade, then feel free to elaborate on it.

We all know you have the attention span of an ADD-afflicted gnat, so we won't hold you to any serious debate on this matter. There's no reason to expect you to spontaneously conjure the cojones anyhow.

You've never had the guts before, and it's unlikely you ever will.

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