Monday, September 10, 2007

Still Waiting....

Yeah, the RCMP is moving real fast on that "complaint"

Apparently, Canadian Cynic is a little more afraid of having his identity revealed than he would like his readers to believe.

According to a recent posting, Canadian Cynic has allegedly resorted to filing some sort of police report regarding my aforementioned promise to eventually reveal his true identity through this blog.

To date, the number of attempts by the RCMP to contact me regarding Cynic's complaint?


So, one has to wonder about a number of things: did Canadian Cynic really complain to the police, or is he merely lying? My suspicion is, frankly, the latter. If he isn't lying about having filed such a complaint, then he's certainly lying about whatever interest an RCMP officer would feign in the activities of someone who isn't breaking the law.

In the meantime, the hunt for solid evidence of Canadian Cynic's identity, to supplement my mere suspicions, will continue.


  1. Would you kindly shut up? I complained to the police about you (...meaning I talked to my sister, who's a cop) and they (she) recommends you stop this online harrassment. It doesn't look good for you, Patrick.

  2. Oh, sure. Your "sister" is a cop.

    How about your imaginary friend, too? There's nothing illegal about revealling an anonymous individual's identity.

    Otherwise, why have I yet to be contacted by police regarding Cynic's fictional complaint? It's not like I'm a hard person to get a hold of.

  3. Oh, yeah. And I totally beleive you, too.

    Especially since you're such a disinterested observer.

  4. Don't waste your time with those kiddies, Patrick -- intellectual and physical kiddies, that's all.


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