Monday, June 25, 2007

R.I.P. Chris Benoit : 1967-2007

Canadian WWE performer and two time world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit, his son Daniel and his wife Nancy were found dead in their Atlanta, Georgia home earlier today.

Benoit, the most decorated performer in the history of professional wrestling, having held nearly every championship contested. Speculation placed Benoit to add yet another title to his collection at the WWE's most recent pay per view. However, his absense had been described as due to "personal reasons".

According to the Fayette County Sheriff's Department, "instruments of death" were found at the scene. Early reports indicate that the deaths have been ruled a double-murder suicide.

Chris Benoit was a true Canadian hero. I extend my condolences to all members of Benoit's family, as well as to all his fellow fans.

God bless you, mr Benoit. May you rest in peace.


  1. I think that you may want to re-visit your position on Chris Benoit.

    Another psycho who should have started with killing himself instead of his wife and child seems to be more appropriate.

    Not so heroic.

    God damn you Mr. Benoit. May you burn in hell.

  2. I'm not going to re-visit anything.

    While the post you're commenting on was written mere minutes after I learned of Benoit's passing -- few details were available at the time -- I'm still not prepared to condemn Benoit for what he did. I'm more than prepared to condemn what he did.

    Currently, my take on the Benoit double-murder suicide is that Benoit, possibly under the influence of an anabolic steroid prescribed to him after his 2001 neck surgery, committed these murders as a desperate act of mercy. As with almost all muder-suicides, some form of mental illness was likely present.

    I see Benoit as an individual who did his best to cope with the circumstances he was in. His failure to do so cost three people their lives.

    In that sense, however, you're actually right about one thing: the exhaustion of his courage in the face of his son's condition makes him less than heroic. It makes him human. Do you want to condemn him for that?

    There is only one being in the universe that is fit to damn Chris Benoit, and that person is not you. Nor is it I.

    Only god can judge Chris Benoit.


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