Friday, June 08, 2007

Breaking News: Life Unfair to Paris Hilton

Cries to Her Mommy On the Way Back to Jail

Poor Paris Hilton. Life is rough when you're a 26 year-old filthy rich celebrity hotel heiress.

On Thursday, Paris must have been certain she had managed to weasle her way out of her 45-day sentence citing some sort of undisclosed medical difficulty that allegedly led the Los Angeles County Sheriff to deem that prison was a dangerous place for her.

No dice, says Superior Court Judge Michael T Sauer, who ordered her back to jail to await a hearing he had scheduled in order to determine the nature of her medical condition. In the meantime, Hilton certainly must have provoked his ire when she suggested that she would not appear for the hearing, claiming that a telephone hearing had been scheduled -- which it hadn't.

For her own part, Hilton disapproves. "It's not right!" she was reported as complaining as she was led from the courtroom in a soggy, sobbing mess. "Mom!"

...Her mom was standing nearby. Apparently, she didn't intercede on Paris' behalf. Poor thing.

Yep, life sure is unfair for Paris Hilton. While the average person will likely agree with LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo when he remarked, "this decision sends the message that no individual -- no matter how wealthy or powerful -- is above the law. Today, justice was served."

Indeed, justice was served with a steaming hot side of "awwwww, muffin."

Now, all Los Angeles county needs is a new Sheriff.

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