Thursday, November 18, 2004

I am a Crack-Pot, This is True

Reading the entries on my blog, it probably isn't hard to imagine me as some sort of red-neck, ultra-right-wing wacko who hates Marxism and the left wing with a passion.
Perhaps in some sense, this is true. I tend to have a little bit of red-neck in my nature, and I believe firmly in a policy of cautiousness toward the left wing.

For example, as much as I absolutely love the "Make Things Better" ideal of the NDP party, I don't agree that all of society's problems can be solved by merely throwing money at them. And personally, I tend to think over-taxation is bad, which maybe helps to define this particular attitude.

Yes, I'm a crackpot. I'm one of these idiots that believes that moderation can exist. In fact, I see it to be the only way to eliminate the polarization of our political ideologies. I can imagine some people reacting to this with: wait, polarization is a bad thing? This guy is off of his fucking rocker!!!

But let's look at what the polarization of political/social ideologies has provided us with: two obvious examples? Facism and soviet communism (which I differentiate from communism only to satisfy actual communists). Both of these were pretty bad things.

Of course, extremism probably shouldn't be eliminated altogether. Freedom and liberty were once considered to be radical ideas. Radical ideas obviously provide us with valuable ideas. The trick, I believe, is to build in-roads between radicals on both sides. This, I think, is one of the few solutions that will lead to any sense of sanity within our current political boundaries.

Wait. Me preaching about sanity is a lot like George Dubya Bush preaching about tolerance.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's become pretty obvious that I have to go convince girls to pour mustard on me.

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