Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy Wall Street? More Like Resistance is Futile

Sheer weirdness is a quality that has long permeated many far-left protest movements. But Occupy Atlanta takes the cake.

While the entire occupation movement has prided itself on claiming to be free-thinking individuals standing against a system that does not work for them -- although the detail that most of them are non-voters indicates that, in typical lazy-leftist fashion, they haven't even tried -- the groupthink aspect of the movement has become unignorable.

The case in point is an attempt by Congressman John Lewis (Democrat) to speak before the Occupy Atlanta General Assembly.

Lewis is widely known as a civil rights hero, and with good reason. But apparently that doesn't impress the weirdos at Occupy Atlanta, who instead of listening to Lewis speak, instead insisted on repeating after every single word spoken.

The emerging elements of Stalinism emerging from under the riptides of the occupation movement only becomes more frightening when one considers that the alleged free-thinking members of the occupation movement, at the very least in Atlanta, are proving to be nothing more than sheeple.

They've become their very own real-life Borg Collective. Almost quite literally.

Of course, those familiar with the Sci-Fi-Mythical Borg know full well that there is absolutely no freedom within such a collective, and whether one surrenders their freedom willingly or if it is taken from them by force seems entirely irrelevant.

It's becoming crystal clear: the "new America" Occupy Wall Street imagines is one in which people think in an increasingly uniform fashion, literally dictated them to the vanguard-esque demagogues who are more interested in obstructing the speech of people like John Lewis than in what they actually have to say.

Occupy Wall Street seems to be coming to think that resistance is futile. But they're in for a shock. despite their self-aggrandizing claims to represent "the 99%", Occupy Wall Street would be lucky to represent as much as 9% of American society, and the other at least 91% aren't going to put up with this kind of stupidity if they decide to try to impose it by force.


  1. "The whole point of this is to begin a democratic process in which no human being is more valuable than another"

    Speak for yourself hipster... I'm pretty sure that I'm more valuable to society than 99% of the protestors.

  2. I can't help but, in some sense, admire that the Occupation movement protesters are trying to do something, at least in their own way.

    But at the end of the day, they seem like little more than a public mass temper tantrum. They insist that the American political system doesn't work for them, when most of them are effectively non-participants.

    This in a system that, through its primary election process, provides them with the very real possibility of finding the kind of candidate they want. That's exactly what happened with Obama.

    At the end of the day, if they want to be as valuable as a voting citizen, they'd better do at least one of the things that makes a voting citizen valuable... vote.

    That isn't, by any means, the only thing that makes a voting citizen valuable. But it's an important one. They participate in the system, as opposed to simply whining.


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