Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Tears For Alex Hundert

Black Bloc terrorist sympathizers decry alleged injustice

Across Canada yesterday, small handfuls of Canadians rallied in support of a terrorist.

For those whom the face of terrorism is a militant Muslim extremist, they would do well to reevaluate that image. As in this case, the terrorist in question is Alex Hundert, who is responsible for organizing numerous Black Bloc protests across Canada.

Predictably, Hundert's sympathizers decried the injustice of his incarceration. They claim that Canada is oppressing him, regardless of the facts.

“I’ve organized alongside Alex for about four years now. It’s personal for me that my friend is being arrested by police after being at a panel,” whined activist Chelsea Taylor. “They are really ratcheting up the levels of police harassment and intimidation.”

Of course what Taylor declines to mention is that Hundert's arrest isn't a case of "police harassment" or "intimidation".

In fact it was the Black Bloc Hundert helped organize who intimidated fellow protesters and bystanders during the G20 riots. Arresting them is not a case of "police harassment", it's a simple matter of gettinging criminals and terrorists off of Canada's streets.

And what a shame that is. Not.

Unshockingly, Hundert himself continues to try to pass off his disingenuous claim that he's been repressed.

"Too much attention has been paid to a small number of cases of repression, particularly my own, when people need to be focused on and fighting back against broader patterns of oppression that flow from the racist capitalist system propagated by the G20 states, their corporations, their militaries, and their police," Hundert is reported to have recently said to "an ally".

Of course for Hundert to claim that he's being repressed is brazenly mendacious. He has been in the practice of organizing violent political protests designed to intimidate Canadians. That is the definition of terrorism.

Moreover, Hundert's protests have also been designed to provoke violent police response. It's unfortunate that the mismanagement of the G20 riot by law enforcement eventually led to unacceptable responses. In that regard, Hundert got what he wanted.

But whether his supporters like it or not, Hundert seems to have done the crime. Now it's time for him to do the time. This time around he's declined bail, which is a good thing: it keeps him in jail where he belongs.

Now all that remains to be done is to ensure that Alex Hundert is sentenced to as much time as the Canadian justice system allows. Alex Hundert belongs in jail, and it's up to the courts to make sure that he stays there -- and his followers can just go right ahead and cry the rest of Canada a river.


  1. When will the professional left show up to protest his civil rights?

  2. His civil rights to break windows and put peaceful protesters at risk.

    What a joke.


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