Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mario Dumont Is Coming to Your TV

ADQ leader making jump to television journalism

Mario Dumont is coming to your TV.

Well, okay, maybe not your TV. Unless you live in Quebec.

A day after Dumont finally finalized his departure from the leadership of the Action Democratique du Quebec, it's been announced that Dumont will host a public affairs program on TQS.

With Dumont getting set to take this new job, the ADQ can finally get down to the business of choosing his successor.

The task won't be easy.

For one thing, the party has very few rules regarding how a leadership campaign is to be conducted.

"The party has never really had to choose a leader so they're making up the rules as they go along," explains McGill University's Antonia Maioni, who's uncertain that the party will even survive Dumont's departure. "They'll probably have some sort of choice in the fall, but I don't even know if the party is going to get to the fall."

"The ADQ has more or less run its course in trying to become the third party that takes the place of one of the major parties," Maioni insists.

On top of all this, no contenders have yet to bid on the ADQ leadership.

For his own part, Dumont disagrees with Maioni's prognosis regarding the ADQ's survival. "I think I've installed a new political voice in the landscape, despite what they are saying today," Dumont insists.

But there's little question that the ADQ cannot survive without any leader at all. It may even come down to Janvier Grondin, who so recently insisted that Dumont had to depart the leadership so a replacement process could begin, to step in the take the party reins.

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