Monday, October 23, 2006

Believe it or Not, Duceppe Makes Good

Um... Wow...

Personally, I never thought I would say this.


Good for Gilles Duceppe.

Holy shit. I can’t believe I just said that. Let’s take another look at that.

Good for Gilles Duceppe.

Holy shit! I really did just say that! Now, let’s take a closer look at why.
As most people have probably already heard, Gilles Duceppe has threatened to help topple the sitting Conservative minority government. With polling numbers suggesting the Liberal party could be in a position to potentially mount a spring 2007 election, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois has added a little fuel to the fire under Stephen Harper’s feet.

“Stephen Harper must now deliver the goods for Quebec, especially concerning the fiscal imbalance,” Duceppe announced. “If Stephen Harper breaks this promise, we will make his government fall.”

According to Duceppe, the government’s survival is contingent on an extra $3,9 billion for Quebec in the next federal budget.

To make matters worse, the Conservative party’s polling numbers in Quebec seem to have tanked. A recent poll has the Conservative party holding 17 points, trailing the Liberal party at 20, and the Bloc Quebecois at 47. The NDP and Green Party trail with eight points apiece.

Now to some, Duceppe might seem to simply be playing predatory politics at its worst.
But frankly, this is exactly what Duceppe’s constituents – as well as the members of his party – elected him to do. Stephen Harper, as most may recall, made a promise during the 2006 election to rectify the fiscal imbalance – the very fiscal imbalance the Liberal party refused to recognize.

Seven months and one federal budget later, Harper’s Conservatives have yet to make good.

Of course, Harper would likely be better off resolving the matter with Quebec Premier Jean Charest, rather than kowtowing to the separatist BQ.

But at the same time, Duceppe may want to be careful what he wishes for – keeping this key promise to Quebecers may be just the solution Stephen Harper’s support in Quebec desperately needs.

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  1. That suprises me that you would say that, and oddly I agree with why you would say that after that bout of information. Now excuse me while I go wash myself.


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