Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Huge Announcement -- Nexus of Assholery Expands!

NEW! Nexus of Assholery Message Board

These are exciting times for us... er, me... here at the Nexus.
Ever since the creation of this shitty, self-absorbed little weblog, I've been wracking my brain coming up with new ways to make it more accessible to prospective readers.
An extended four-month hiatus didn't exactly help (apparently, I've been declared "dead or missing in action" within the blogging community). A number of days ago, while reading Joe Trippi's The Revolution Will Not be Televised, the idea hit me like Triple H with a sledgehammer to the face. A couple of days work on this revelation later, and this self-professed shitty, self-absorbed little weblog is ready to turn the corner. It's ready to become something newer, something better.
The change in question is, quite simply, the creation of a Nexus of Assholery message board.
But it's much more than simply a message board. It's also a hub for internet communities: something of a crossroads on the information superhighway for people to post links to their own weblogs and message boards, talk about just about anything they want to.
You can discuss the media. Debate the issues -- right down to an actual "Debate Club" area in which winners and losers will be declared by the site's actual users. There is also a section in which people who feel so inclined can discuss Nexus of Assholery Book Club selections.
The site is http://assholenexus.proboards101.com/index.cgi. You can also get there by clicking the header under the headline on this particular article).
Go there, register, log in, and post. Communities like this have to be built one person at a time, but in the end the payoff could be colossal. Please tell your friends as well. The more, the merrier.

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