Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hargrove: Vote For Separatists To Block Separatists

Fucking up 101

It is truly a beautiful day in the neighbourhood today, as erstwhile federal Liberal booster and long-time political sychophant Buzz Hargrove has traded sucking Paul Martin’s dick for taking a long suck on his own foot.

Hargrove, the president of the Canadian Autoworkers Union – who recently shifted his allegiance from the NDP to the Liberals rather abruptly – created big ol’ waves of shit for Liberal leader Paul Martin yesterday with some rather controversial remarks.

“[Stephen Harper’s] view of the country is a separatist view,” Hargrove announced at a campaign stop in Strathroy, Ontario, while standing not two feet away from Liberal leader Paul Martin. At the base of Hargrove’s comments were Harper’s plans to de-centralize certain government powers, about which Hargrove said: “If you devolve all the powers to the provinces, what do you have left?”

A less powerful federal government with less ability to steal from it’s own people?

No? Separatism? OK…

But wait, there’s more! Hargrove also took aim at – surprise, surprise – Alberta, saying that the values shared by Albertans are “repulsive to most Canadians”. Also, vote for the Bloc (a separatist party) in order to block the Conservatives from power.

In other words: vote for actual separatists to prevent alleged separatists from coming to power.

Maybe it’s time for Hargrove to stop guzzling so much of Paul Martin’s man-chowder, because this is getting rather embarrassing – for both of them, in what was a Trailer Park Boys-esque Randy-and-Leahy moment.

Speaking of embarrassment, such was the look on Harper’s face when he was forced to defend Stephen Harper’s stance on federalism, saying: “I have large differences with Stephen Harper but I have never doubted his patriotism.” ...Except at the start of the campaign, when he needled Harper over his seeming inability to say “ I love Canada THIS much!”

Even despite his new puppet master’s newly-sought distance from this renounced, self-important jackass, Hargrove has yet to really change his stance on his comments. “My point was, what do Canadians want? Do we want a leader that believes in strong federal institutions, a strong federal government, that sets minimum standards for the provinces? If you do, you need Paul Martin or Jack Layton,” he said, reaffirming his love for Jack Layton – the man who he immediately stabbed in the back as he began this election’s go-‘round of politicking.

One may in fact call it poetic justice – Hargrove may well turn out to be a factor in this election for the Liberals, but not in the way he intended. He may have fucked up his inept puppet master’s hail-Mary pass to attempt to deliver his party victory in an election that is so nearly all but lost. Furthermore, it only demonstrates the futility of the “vote to block the Conservatives” plea: it is proof the Liberal party has nothing real to offer Canadians, and must rely on fear to get back into power.

But one thing is of absolute certainty: Hargrove has demonstrated his view of Canada: one in which breaking the country apart is infinitely preferable to responsible government.

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